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Hello! My name is Carol Motolo, and I’m a Mosotho living in South Africa. I moved here many many years ago with one suitcase, and I’ve never looked back.
Hello! My name is Carol Motolo, and I’m a Mosotho living in South Africa. I moved here many many years ago with one suitcase, and I’ve never looked back.
Carol is an AUTHOR; MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER; MOTHER; owner of TWENTY-ONE C VIRTUE, PHOTOGRAPHER and founder of CAROLMOTOLOFOUNDATION. Her first book Living in Faith, a self –help book just got published this year 2017, and she is hoping for more books to follow soon. She was inspired to start writing after living with depression, being physically and emotionally abused, being homeless, penniless, hopeless and giving birth to a premature baby where she was tested more than she has ever had to be, but somehow, she lived in Faith and overcame her battles. Few years ago, Carol then used a technique called “tapping to rewire your brain”. Life without depression is like winning lottery; that moment when you realize all your problems might just be solved. She had just realized that everything has so much more beauty and meaning. These days, her focus is on showing women and men how they can revolutionise their lives, just like she did. Motherhood, Writing, dancing, travelling, and daydreaming keeps Carol going. (When she was twelve years old, one of her teachers told her uncle that Carol should stop reading so much fiction, because she was “too imaginative”.) Her spiritual leader Florah Motolo is very wise and the strongest woman Carol knows. Carol’s life is a true definition of a rainbow, I’m really into eccentric icons (like Liberace), false eyelashes, and dressing up at every opportunity. Carol believes that playing with your appearance is one of the myriad ways we can transform ourselves into the people we want to be. She has been single, engaged, currently in a healthy relationship; she has experienced depression and pure ecstasy. She believes in making your own universe. Excuses drive her crazy. Carol also believe that no one is perfect, but as long as you’re doing your best, you can’t be faulted. Pangloss means “a person who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances” — Carol identifies with that.
Living in Faith started in a hospital room, looking at her premature son’s weak body and not knowing what to expect next and now it will become a worldwide movement. I want you to throw out everything you think you know about GOD ,yourself, relationships and self-esteem. You know those books that say, “I’m okay, you’re okay”? Forget that. You’re not “okay”. You’re SPECTACULAR. You’re a gem in the rough. You’re a shimmering, exploding supernova. You’re a bombastic, bodacious, badass babe. It’s time to explode the myths we tell ourselves; time to retire those tired old stories. It’s time to stop making excuses, and to step up ,trust God and live the life we’ve always dreamed about. It is truly possible to live from the most passionate, rambunctious part of your core — I am living proof, and I am not exceptional. I am just like you. I spent years battling depression, abuse, making wrong decisions , and a preference for chaos and disaster, simply because I didn’t have faith in God ,I did not have any tools to help me deal with my own emotions. If you’ve been there, you know how it feels: like you’re being chewed up from the inside. It’s overwhelming, and you feel like it will never get better — that you’re doomed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Few years ago, I was astounded when I was able to let go of someone I thought I would not be able to live without to the curb. The dreams of building the dream family that I had had in mind since I was a teenager were tarnished by someone who didn’t have the same vision as I did and no matter how much i tried to push him into that direction he wasn’t ready we had different goals, saw life in different eyes ,I tried to change him, but he wasn’t ready so all my efforts were in vain, misery plagued me and followed soon after. Unencumbered by sadness, I felt like I was seeing the world through new eyes. Through my years of self discovery,I discovered God all over, my Faith was renewed, so all in all I’ve discovered — and created — a litany of tools and techniques, which make up the basis of my teachings of Living in Faith and radical self love. Teaching women how to fall in love with God , themselves, their kids and partners — is my calling, my passion, my mission. My life gets better every day, because I walk my talk. Nothing is perfect, but every time I practice living in faith and trusting God, I become happier, I feel more thankful, and I radiate that love out to others. You are destined for more than a life of corporate cubicle hell. You are more than just a worker bee, a mother, a wife or a girlfriend. You can be and do whatever you want. There are a million possible avenues for you to saunter down, and the only way to discover that for yourself is to put on your best shoes and just start walking.


 A powerful spiritual, creative and inspirational book to infuse your life with joy again, because you’re beautiful, smart, and full of vision… And you can rediscover that in the pages of your Living in Faith Self Love Book. A Living in Faith book is a Self help book that you will find excitement and hope that comes from inviting God Almighty who hears and answers prayers into your life, family and each and every situation you find yourself in. It is an art journal with a purpose, and that purpose is to bring you back to the our creator. It’s a portable book that you can carry and read where ever you are and can help you through your battles. This simple, messy, inspired process will encourage you to fall in love with God and yourself… Once and for all. Living in faith: a spiritual journey and Self-Love Guide To Loving God ,Yourself and Living Your life and fulfilling your Dreams while Living in Faith Living in Faith is a is designed to be your ultimate guide to living in faith and letting God’s intervention in your life to assist you achieve the life you’ve dreamed about. You’ll discover exactly what makes you so magnificent, and you’ll gain a litany of tools and techniques to help you manifest a life bursting with magic, miracles, bliss, and adventure! Featuring real life experiences and referral verses to guide you and assist you to learn to fall madly in love with GOD ,yourself , to loving others and to making your world a more magical place through style, self-expression, and manifestation. Carol believes that Living in Faith can go hand in hand with a ruby-red lip. She believes that happiness can be cultivated. She believes that unless you fully know God and trust Him and believe in Him and His ways ,you will not be able to love and appreciate yourself, your intimate relationships will be a shit-show of epic proportions. Carol believes that learning how to love yourself can be a party: streamers, disco balls, helium balloons, and all! Carol wants you to realize your radiance. She wants you to come to terms with your innate goddess nature. She wants you to figure out how goddamn fabulous you are. The universe is waiting for you to step up and live out loud! “Everywhere I look, I see an epidemic: millions of incredibly smart, sublimely beautiful and unique women who cannot see their own luminescence. Women full of doubt, women full of fear. Women who feel confused by what they “should” be, torn apart by conflicting messages from society and the media, women who feel that the only way to move safely through the world is to turn down the volume on their own joy. Feeling constrained and restricted is no way to move through life. It’s depressing and it shrinks your vision of what is possible. You end up living a life that feels like someone else planned it. I can say this with authority because once upon a time, I was trapped too. Through GOD and a combination of techniques, I was able to break free from my self-imposed prison, and create a life more colourful and beautiful than my wildest dreams. If I can do it, you can too! That’s why I wrote Living in Faith: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams. I want to hold up a mirror so that you can see just how magnificent you are. Inside the pages of this book, you’ll rediscover the glorious babe you are.” Says Carol
PURCHASE YOUR OWN COPY and to BLESS OTHERS as well for only ZAR 199.99 Courier within the Republic of South Africa is R99.99 ,it differs outside the country depending where you are. TO PURCHASE : EFT, DEPOSIT CASH TO Name : Natasha Carol Motolo Bank : First National Bank Branch :250655 Acc # : 62490830588 Please send proof of payment Via email to : sales@carolnatashamotolo.com or send it via WhatsApp to +27 710 413 391

...the scripture is the picture of my future...

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Carol’s favourite thing to do is speak to Badass Women and Magic-Makers about trusting GOD ,Living in Faith ,Radical Self Love, Revolutionary Self-Expression, and Making a living from being yourself. Part Living in Faith Evangelist, Part Punk-Rock Cheerleader. Devastating realness? Check. Carol will stories, give actionable advice that you can take away with you, and answer any question you’ve got. She is here to show you — beyond any shadow of a doubt — that you can do it too. She signs every book, be in every selfie, and hug every babe who comes through. And she promises to wear something fab-u-lous. For information about hiring Carol to speak at your event, please go to Bookings Page or drop us an email @ : bookings@carolnatashamotolo.com

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